The C47 calculator

The calculator project formerly known as C43 has changed name to C47. The main reason is that breaking changes have been introduced to the user interface, so instead of starting a C43 version 2.0 we wiped the slate clean and started fresh.

More information will come, for now please go to the downloads section to find the new C47 faceplate template and software distribution.


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Revision of 2024 April 02


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All code and documents on the GitLab C47 pages, including executables such as simulator and firmware files are licensed according to the GPL3 licence found on numerous places in said material.

The documentation on this web site and on the various Wiki's are licensed according to the GFDL license, published on numerous places in said material.

The bezel graphic, as sold on this web site is not included in the open source project and copyright remains.