Order instructions

The second batch of bezels for the C47 calculator is NOW IN STOCK again.

New orders are welcome after 5 weeks of inactivity.

Costs are:

  • 1 bezel + postage: 18 EU or 20 USD, non-tracked post
  • 2 bezels + postage: 33 EU or 37 USD, non-tracked post
Orders of 3 or more bezels are not supported at this point - you will have to buy more off the next batch.

Payments are accepted by private transfer on Paypal, and your order details, including your shipping address and email address must be added to the payment as message.

Order text

Use the following template for your order text:

Order: (1 or 2) bezel(s) + postage, non-tracked post
Email: (your email address)
(your shipping address as it should appear on the envelope)

Remember Paypal does not anymore send your address from a private account to a private account. Your order will be shipped to the exact address specified above.


Select Paypal SEND money:

Type the amount you have calculated from the list above:

Copy and paste the order text of what you are ordering, using the template above:

Click and select the currency and select in which currency you will pay:

Verify that the recipient will get the money listed, and how much it will cost you in your currency:

Select "for friends or family" as I do not have a business account:

Verify the transaction cost to you - the example picture are in ZAR as that is my local currency - yours will be in your own currency:

Paypal will confirm that you sent the money:

In case of problems

Should Paypal not accept your order text, e.g. for being too long, mention this as your Paypal message and instead send your order text to the following email address:

We will try to help as best we can. Make sure your email address is correct, so we can match it with your payment and get in touch with you if needed.